Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Qualcosa blogga in pentola!

Now there's a phrase you don't hear every day -- even in Italy. It's a derivation of the phrase "Qualcosa bolle in pentola," which means "Something's up."

It's the title of a cool blog in Italiano that's all about food. The author, La Cuoca Rossa, is obsessed with cooking. Indeed, she writes: "Non c'è nulla che mi rilassi quanto cucinare, ed il non poterlo fare, aggiunto al super lavoro produce effetti decisamente deleteri sul il mio umore."

You can find her blog at: http://qualcosabloggainpentola.blogspot.com/

Food is a cool avenue for boning up on your Italian. Afterall, we all eat! Another good food blog that's maintained by an Italian but not in Italiano is: http://viaggiesapori.blogspot.com/. The author is an Italian who lives in Sweden. Although it's in English, all the recipe titles are in Italiano. Visit this blog if you want to find out the details on the dish, "Lumache in umido con polenta."

I mention this blog because it shares a name with my ABS0LUTE FAVORITE Italian magazine in the whole wide world: "Viaggi e Sapori." Every issue has "30 Weekend Golosi" with information on where you can visit food festivals around Italy. There are gorgeous photos, and dreamy seaside restaurants in cui dai del tu, all of course in the land dove suona il si.

Unfortunately, the publisher has decided to re-christen it "V&S," which I think saps the title of any of the excitement found in the magazine. But hey that's just me. I happen to love the words "viaggi" and "sapori." Cari lettori, with the exception of "amore," please tell me two words that are better?


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