Sunday, January 21, 2007

FALCONE -- appuntamento da non perdere

The Italian Academy at Columbia University and the Italian Cultural Institute of New York will jointly present the American premiere of "Giovanni Falcone" on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the Teatro at the Italian Academy (1161 Amsterdam Ave., Manhattan). Falcone was a Sicilian judge who indicted hundreds of Mafiosi in the 1980s, and presided over what was called a 'maxi' trial of Mafiosi. He was later murdered in 1992 for his trouble.

O se io vivessi a New York!!! If any Italophile reading this lives in New York, get yourself to see this film. Falcone was one of the most enigmatic figures in recent Italian history, if for no other reason than he changed a significant aspect of that country's modern history by his prosecutions.

Judge Giuseppe Ayala, one of the prosecutors at the "maxi trial," will be on hand to speak. Proprio da non perdere.

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