Monday, October 29, 2007

Technical difficulties

I still need to finish off the last few posts from our trip to southern Italy (including a quick but fun jaunt around Rome the day before we returned to America).

But for some reason, my computer is not cooperating. I think it's something that Il Nostro Inviato did! (Actually, it looks like it's a problem with Blogger).

In any event, stay tuned. I still have a few more dazzling images to throw your way.

In the meantime, I can tell you that as I write, I am drinking my morning caffe con latte and having a mini heart attack because for the first time ever, I think it tastes bad!

Why would it taste bad? Because I am back to using Lavazza, rather than the wonderful Quarta caffe we bought in Puglia. Can you believe this, ragazzi?! My whole world has changed now that I have tasted Quarta!

In other news, guardavo la Rai International durante il fine settimana (il canale fa schifo ma ogni tanto trasmette qualcosa di interessante) e ho visto la fine del film, "Le Invasioni Barbariche."

Se non l'avete visto, è favoloso! E' un film franco-canadese (si dice?). Credo che abbia vinto il premio Oscar (in USA) come il miglior film straniero qualche anno fa. Vi avverto: vi farà piangere.


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