Friday, January 25, 2008

Coverage of the fall of Prodi's government

Yes, yes y'all: Romano Prodi is no longer the prime minister of Italy. He lost a confidence vote yesterday, after 20 months at the top. It was the 61st distinct administration since World War II.

Now, the president of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, will consult with others to decide when to call elections.

There's a lot of great coverage of this event on the Web. No surprise il Corriere della Sera has the issue covered from every side, even running a short piece on the last time a Prodi government fell (in 1998).

Visit their site at:

The Italian blogosphere is also alive and well. I like these posts:

Hey, Italy is nothing if not a country where the unexpected and the spectacular happen on a weekly basis.

And even when what happens is the expected, there are always some wacky moments (during this crisis, two Italian parlamentarians had a scuffle in which one is said to have spat at the other -- on the floor of the statehouse!).

I leave you with this comment, from Darth Vader (link above): "Rido per non piangere...classe politica italiana: fai cagare!"

(He says: "I'm laughing so I don't cry. Italian politicians, you suck!")



Lord Darth Vader said...

Ti ringrazio per la visita e per il link...
Il tuo blog è bellissimo, è come Firenze: "ha un'anima"!
Complimenti anche per i gusti letterari e cinematografici: eccelsi!
Greetings from Italy

vlaste said...

thank you for linking my article!