Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sesso tutti giorni?

Oh I love Italian magazines.

Il Nostro Inviato brought back a slew for me from Caserta.

Bell'Italia. Panorama. La Cucina Italiana.

But sometimes the best magazines are the Italian versions of American mags.

Take, for example, Men's Health. The American version, I find, is fairly focused on sports, working out, making your marriage better, even if there are photos of attractive women. They are there, but they are less the focus than, say, in Esquire.

Then you look at the Italian version of Men's Health. It's really an inch shy of a porno mag! What do I mean? Well there are lots of photos of naked women. That's what I mean!

Even the cover photo of a man makes you wonder: he's not just in good shape, he's hot! He wants you! Who are they trying to appeal to? I guess maybe they figure some women pick up the magazine.

I was flipping through it, when I found this short segment.

"Fai più sesso con tua moglie.
"La chiave di un rapporto felice? Fare sesso tutti i giorni. 'Siamo animali e dobbiamo accoppiarci continuamente,' spiega Emmanuele A. Jannini, docente di sessuologia all'Università di Aquila."

Sex every day? Leave it to the Italians to find a professor who recommends this.

Buona giornata ragazzi!

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