Saturday, March 01, 2008

New Slow Food site

Slow Food's new Web site is now live and online.

You can find the new site at

One of the coolest parts of the site is the blog, which, since the organization is worldwide, includes blog posts in various languages.

You guys probably know about the Slow Food movement, which values and promotes native products and methods, and the people who pursue them. Despite the English name (which pokes fun at American fast food) the group has strong roots in Italy, where the event Salone del Gusto is held.

As they put it, the goal is:
"una produzione di cibo buono, pulito e giusto in tutto il mondo."

That means the production of food all over the world that's good, clean and ethical.

Maybe it's just me, a fanatical reader of the New York Times, but it does really seem like the wonderful Italian obsession with fresh ingredients and native products is spreading (I mention the Times because it has regularly featured articles on regional products. It recently wrote about butter and buttermilk that's made at farms in New York state and elsewhere).

I can tell you the Slow Food chapter in Philadelphia holds lots of interesting dinners at restaurants in the region that are producing original, native food and drink.

Anyway check out the site and buon appetito!


Gudiya Riddell said...

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Ciao and welcome!

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Max said...

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