Thursday, April 17, 2008

V2 Day - 25 aprile 2008

Beppe Grillo is at it again.

The comic turned political force is organizing a second "F--k Off Day" on April 25. (The 'V' in V2 Day stands for vaffanculo. Read above for the translation.)

His first, on Sept. 8, attracted more than one million Italians in various piazzas around the country. It was an extraordinary event that rode an unprecedented tide of disgust among Italians over revelations last year about the perks Italy's politicians draw.

Grillo is angry that the weekend's elections in Italy will bring 70 new politicians to parliament who have criminal records. He's also angry that these parliamentarians were not chosen by voters, but rather by political party operatives.

For more information, visit his site (it's in English, Italian and Japanese. Yes, Japanese):

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