Tuesday, March 10, 2009

See Benigni in New York! (And Boston and Chicago)

You may remember that I gushed over a program called TuttoDante in which comedian Roberto Benigni recited Dante's Divine Comedy from memory and then provided extremely funny commentary on the verses.

Well that show is coming to New York!!!! (And Boston and Chicago)

Non ci posso credere!

I had seen TuttoDante on RAI International and thought it was just one-of-a-kind. An extremely literate, brilliant comedian explaining the subtleties of Dante. And along the way throwing in some inimitable gestures and comments in Tuscan dialect like only Benigni can.

(In the program I saw, he was performing in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence in front of the Dante statue, about two blocks from where I used to live....*sigh*).

It certainly will show a side of Benigni that may not be familiar to American viewers. We know him from films such as "Johnny Stecchino" and "The Pink Panther," and from his stunt standing on chairs when he was won the Best Actor Oscar for "Life is Beautiful."

I've heard some Italians grumble about the tour, I suppose because some people may say he is dumbing the work down. All I know is he is funny and he's bringing Dante back out into the public domain, where it belongs.

Non ti preoccupare: The American shows will include English subtitles.

Tickets go on sale today.

If you want information or tickets, you can find everything here: http://www.massimogallotta.com/index.php


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