Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Program director job open in SIENA

There are some GOOD jobs available for folks who know Italian and want to help American students find their way around Italy. Here's the latest:

Job: Siena Resident Director

The Siena Resident Director (RD) is responsible for CET’s History of Art and Italian Studies in Siena program, in addition, to other small specialty programs managed by CET in Siena.

CET Academic Programs is a private study abroad organization. Based in Washington, DC, CET has been designing and administering educational programs abroad since 1982. CET is well-known for its innovations in the field of study abroad. Our programs emphasize high academic standards, innovative approaches to teaching, and careful student management.

The RD serves as CET’s primary liaison for the programs and coordinates communication between the other staff members, students and/or faculty.

The RD handles all non-academic issues, such as housing, meals, activities and excursions. However, as program axis, the RD is peripherally involved with academics and handles scheduling all classes and class-related field trips (in consultation with the faculty) and monitors classes, assists with hiring faculty, helps students with most common academic questions according to the academic policy, attendance, class room equipment, etc, as well as working together with the Italy Programs Director, faculty and students to work through any academic-related problems or issues.

Attributes of the ideal RD candidate are flexibility, enthusiasm for students and study abroad and dedication. Candidates are advised that this is a time-consuming, challenging position. We therefore discourage those interested in pursuing their own research projects in Siena from applying. CET is seeking a candidate willing to commit to two years in Italy.

To Apply:

Qualified candidates should submit:

• A formal cover letter that includes the position title (Siena Resident Director) and how you first heard of the position opening;

• A resume;

• Contact information for three references.

Applications that do not include all of these requirements will not be considered.

Application Deadline: July 3, 2009

Send application materials via e-mail to:

Emiliana F. Caldarelli

Italy Programs Director

Email: emiliana.caldarelli@libero.it


AsianCajuns said...

Oh my god. I wish I had taken less Spanish and more Italian- shoot.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Ciambellina said...

What a job, huh? I studied in Siena so I know my way around. I try to convey to Italians how interested we Americans are in their country, but I get the feeling they don't get it!

Meanwhile, knowing Spanish is a passport to half the world!