Monday, November 30, 2009

NYT on Italian amari

The New York Times had a great article last week -- maybe you missed it because of Thanksgiving -- on Italian after-dinner drinks, known as amari.

Writer Eric Asimov gives a good overview of the digestive powers of these liquors, which Italians drink after large meals to begin the digestive process. Having an amaro after dinner was one of the many Italian dining rituals I learned when I went to study Italian in Siena so many years ago.

The article left out my favorite amaro -- Montenegro -- which indeed I learned to drink from my Senesi friends, but that's okay! More for me.

Read on:

The Pour
An Italian Lesson for the Overstuffed
Published: November 25, 2009
No country can match Italy for the sheer variety of its digestives, called amari, which can soothe the stomach after a big meal.

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