Sunday, May 01, 2011

Caffe Mingo!

Slowly but surely, I'm allowing myself to open the Christmas-in-April gifts that Il Nostro Inviato brought back from Florence.

And the can of Caffe Mingo topped the list. I've never had it before and it's good!

Caffe Mingo. Caffe Quarta. Caffe Guglielmo. Caffe Kimbo.

I've tried all of these Italian coffee brands in the past few years. Am I ever going to be content again with just Lavazza?

Doubt it! It just seems like all of the other coffees are much stronger.

That's not too surprising when you're dealing with a small regional coffee brand that's made in southern Italy, such as Quarta.

But Caffe Mingo is made in Florence (Borgo San Lorenzo, actually).

Kind of cool to think I'm still discovering new things to love almost 20 years after I stepped foot in Italy for the first time.

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