Sunday, June 26, 2011

Italian beer guide

Il Nostro Inviato's friend, Mike, gave him this guide to Italian beers, and I've been meaning to post a photo for a long time.

There's a beer revolution going on in Italy, and if you wanted to plan a trip around Italian breweries and innovative beer bars, this book would be your guide.

Actually, I think Il Nostro Inviato would like to do just that!

And there are some really good Italian craft beers. I suppose it shouldn't be surprising since Italians simply know what to do once they have good ingredients in their hands whether you're talking about food or drink.


Mike said...

You and Il vostro inviato will need to take a trip back to Italy to go on a fact-checking tour to see if the guide contains valid information.

Ciambellina said...

Ha ha you're right! It's a really good guide. Particularly since so many of the places have cropped up since we left. There are listings for Florence that are totally foreign to me!