Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'Faisbuck?' Oh The Italians! Born Mavericks.

"Non sono su faisbuck. Ma possiamo essere amici lo stesso."

Translation: I'm not on Facebook. But we can still be friends.

Il Nostro Inviato bought this t-shirt in Italy last week.

I love the way it shows how Italians picture the English word Facebook in their heads. That's how they sound it out in their language!


Mike said...

What a dork.

Ciambellina said...

Well, you know how he is (um, clearly). By the way, buon viaggio! Milan is one of my favorite cities, if for no other reason than my favorite Italian painter (Boccioni) is well-represented there.

Mike said...

Yes, we're looking forward to it. As you might recall, Milan was the first Italian city that I set foot in back during my very first visit. Of course, I met Mike there on Apr 25th and stayed for one day, which doesn't allow for seeing much being a national holiday... I haven't been there since then, so 17 days should be fun!