Sunday, October 18, 2015

What I Can't Resist (Italian book version)

Books about Florence or Florentine sayings, written typically for Italians. Yep, that's something I simply cannot resist buying.

This one combines history, pithy sayings, explanations about Florentine traditions and an extensive glossary.

It also has a word I love on the cover: curiosita'. 'Curiosities,' though we don't really use that word in English. In Italian, there's even the verb 'incuriosire,' which you use when you want to say something has intrigued you (or made you curious, obviously). Yay! I love curiosities, especially of a Florentine nature.

So this is something I'm reading right now, when I have a moment (ahem!). In fact, I've stashed it in the car. So if you see me around Atlanta hunched over a book while stopped at a traffic light, I might just be reading this book.

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