Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Viaggio: Next stop: Matera

I Sassi di Matera... the "rocks" of Matera. That was our first stop when we left dear San Marco dei Cavoti, and began the real descent to Puglia.

(First real stop, I should say, since that morning we briefly visited Pietralcina, near San Marco, which was the birthplace of Padre Pio, the widely venerated saint who has achieved cult status in southern Italy....just imagine a hot summer morning in a tiny town whose winding streets are crammed with "religious" tourists...oh it's a trip.)

Matera, in the Basilicata region, is a World Heritage site because of its cave-like (and in some cases, they are really caves, no more, no less) dwellings that had to be evacuated in the middle of last century for sanitary reasons.

I will give you a bit of the city's history, show you a few blurry photos Il Nostro Inviato clandestinely took in a cave church and relay a few details of our quickie, two-hour tour of the rock city (not to be confused with Rock City in Tennessee, folks!). But not now! I have to go to my day job.

But before I go, I just want to remind you of my true feelings (at left). Thanks for visiting! You rock (he he he)!

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