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Women in Translation? Here's your book list!

August is Women in Translation Month; a month when, if you felt so inclined, you could curl up with a wonderful book by a foreign authoress translated into English by a wonderful translator and have yourself a time.

And in honor of the designation, some translation-loving folks, including Katy Derbyshire and Susan Bernofsky, have compiled a list of books written by women from around the world (the non-native English-speaking world) and translated into English. For my part, I contributed the absolutely unneeded suggestion of adding Elena Ferrante to the pile (as if).

The list only goes so far as works published since 2010 but whoa! Look at this smorgasbord! You could curl up for two or three years with this list.

Books written by women and translated into English, published since 2010

In alphabetical order by author

HIGH TIDE, Inga Ābele (Open Letter Books)
THE NUN, Simonella Agnello Hornby (Europa Editions)
FROM THE LAND OF THE MOON, Milena Agus (Europa Editions)
SECOND-HAND TIME, Svetlana Alexievich (Fitzcarraldo)
ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, Naja Marie Aidt (Open Letter Books)
BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, Miral al-Tahawy (American University in Cairo Press)
CHERNOBYL PRAYER, Svetlana Alexievich (Penguin Modern Classics)
WILLFUL DISREGARD, Lena Andersson (Other Press)
WOMAN OF TANTOURA, Radwa Ashour (American University in Cairo Press)
SPECTRES, Radwa Ashour (Arabia Books)
ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE DAYS, Michèle Audin (Deep Vellum)
THE QUEUE, Basma Abdel Aziz (Melville House)
PANTY, Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay (Tilted Axis Press)
OH, SALAAM! Najwa Barakat (Interlink Books)
THE LIFE OF ELVES, Muriel Barbery (Gallic Books)
THE COUNTRY UNDER MY SKIN, Gioconda Belli (Bloomsbury)
SWALLOW SUMMER, Larissa Boehning (Comma Press)
THE OTHER WOMAN, Therese Bohman (Other Press)
BEFORE, Carmen Boullosa (Deep Vellum)
TEXAS: THE GREAT THEFT, Carmen Boullosa (Deep Vellum)
BABA DUNJA’S LAST LOVE, Alina Bronsky (Europa Editions)
THE SECRET WAYS OF PERFUME, Cristina Caboni (Transworld)
THE LAST LOVER, Can Xue (Yale University Press)
MR DARWIN’S GARDENER, Kristina Carlson (Peirene Press)
THE FIRST WIFE, Paulina Chiziane (out August 9, Archipelago Press)
ALWAYS COCO-COLA, Alexandra Chrietieh (Interlink Books)
HOME, Leila S. Chudori (Deep Vellum)
THE ISLAND OF LOST TRUTH, Flavia Company (Europa Editions)

BITTER ALMONDS, Larence Cossé (Europa Editions)
TREGIAN’S GROUND, Anne Cuneo (And Other Stories)
TIGER MILK, Stefanie de Velasco (Head of Zeus)
HOLLOW HEART, Viola Di Grado (Europa Editions)
MY MOTHER IS A RIVER, Donatella Di Pietrantonio (Calisi Press)
SEVEN LIVES AND ONE GREAT LOVE, Lena Divani (Europa Editions)
SWORN VIRGIN, Elvira Dones (And Other Stories)
B. PROUDEW, Irena Dousková (Pálava Publishing)
IN THE TIME OF THE BLUE BALL, Manuela Draeger (Dorothy)
THE SECRETS OF THE WILD WOOD, Tonke Dragt (Pushkin Children's)
ABAHN SABANA DAVID, Marguerite Duras (Open Letter Books)
KITE, Dominique Eddé (Seagull Books)
KAMAL JANN, Dominique Eddé (Seagull Books)
THE LAST PATRIARCH, Najat El Hachmi (Serpent’s Tail)
INVITATION TO THE BOLD OF HEART, Dorothee Elmiger (Seagull Books)
THE END OF DAYS, Jenny Erpenbeck (Portobello)
VISITATION, Jenny Erpenbeck (Portobello)
STOMACH OF THE SOUL, Sylva Fischerová (Calypso Editions)
THE SWING IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS, Sylva Fischerová (Bloodaxe Books)
THE WEIGHT OF THINGS, Marianne Fritz (Dorothy)
THE LOOKING-GLASS SISTERS, Gøhril Gabrielsen, (Peirene Press)
WHO IS MARTHA? Marjana Gaponenko (New Vessel Press)
SPHINX, Anne Garréta (Deep Vellum)
LIFE, ONLY BETTER, Anna Gavalda (Europa Editions)
THE PEOPLE IN THE PHOTO, Hélène Gestern (Gallic Books)
PRODIGIES, Angélica Gorodischer (Small Beer Press)
CITY SPACES, Annett Gröschner (Readux Books)
A SIMPLE STORY, Leila Guerriero (Pushkin Press)
ALL RUSSIANS LOVE BIRCH TREES, Olga Grjasnowa (Other Press)
ONE NIGHT, MARKOVITCH, Ayelet Gundar-Goshen (Pushkin Press)
THE MAN WHO SNAPPED HIS FINGERS, Fariba Hachtroudi (Europa Editions)
MON AMIE AMÉRICAINE, Michèle Halberstadt (Other Press)
HUMAN ACTS, Han Kang (Portobello)
LIES, FIRST PERSON, Gail Hareven (Open Letter Books)
AXOLOTL ROADKILL, Helene Hegemann (Corsair)
THIS PLACE HOLDS NO FEAR, Monika Held (Haus Publishing)
WHERE LOVE BEGINS, Judith Hermann (Serpent’s Tail)
THE HUMMINGBIRD, Kati Hiekkapelto (Arcadia)
THE DEFENCELESS, Kati Hiekkapelto (Orenda)
THE EXILED, Kati Hiekkapelto (Orenda)
THE BLACK CURVE, Rut Hillarp (Readux Books)
A KINGDOM OF SOULS, Daniela Hodrová (Jantar)
PRAGUE, I SEE A CITY, Daniela Hodrová (Jantar)
THE KITE FAMILY, Hon Lai Chu (Columbia University Press)
PICNIC OF THE VIRTUES, Felicitas Hoppe (Readux Books)
SECRET OF THE BLUE GLASS, Tomiko Inui (Pushkin Children’s Books)
WILD GRASS ON THE RIVERBANK, Hiromi Ito (Action Books)
THE PIANO TEACHER, Elfriede Jelinek (Serpent’s Tail)
UMAMI, Laia Jufresa (Oneworld)
ILONA. MY LIFE WITH THE BARD, Jana Juranova (Calypso Editions)
OF NOBLE ORIGINS, Sahar Khalifeh (American University in Cairo Press)
SAMKO TÁLE´S CEMETERY BOOK, Daniela Kapitáňová (Garnett Press)
BACK TO DELPHI, Ioanna Karystiani (Europa Editions)
MANAZURU, Hiromi Kawakami (Counterpoint)
THE NAKANO THRIFT SHOP, Hiromi Kawakami (Portobello)
STRANGE WEATHER IN TOKYO, Hiromi Kawakami (Portobello Books)
ONE OF US IS SLEEPING, Josefine Klougart (Open Letter Books)
THE EQUESTRIENNE, Uršuľa Kovalyk (Parthian Press)
CHASING THE KING OF HEARTS, Hanna Krall (Peirene Press)
THIS IS PRAGUE, Michaela Kukovičová and Olga Černá (Baobab)
INNOCENCE; OR, MURDER ON STEEP STREET, Heda Margolius Kovaly (Soho Press)
PARIS FOR OUTSIDERS, Juliette Lamber (Readux Books)
THE JEWISH HUSBAND, Lia Levi (Europa Editions)
THE TRAVELS OF DANIEL ASCHER, Déborah Lévy-Bertherat (Other Press)
COMPARTMENT NO. 6, Rosa Liksom (Graywolf Press)
EMPTY CHAIRS, Liu Xia (Graywolf Press)
THE STORY OF MY TEETH, Valeria Luiselli (Coffee House Press)
WHO COOKED ADAM SMITH’S DINNER, Katrine Marçal (Portobello)
ESCAPE, Dominique Manotti (Arcadia)
THE SEXUAL LIFE OF AN ISLAMIST IN PARIS, Leila Marouane (Europa Editions)
NOW AND AT THE HOUR OF OUR DEATH, Susana Moreira Marques (And Other Stories)
MORNING SEA, Margaret Mazzantini (Oneworld)
EVA SLEEPS, Francesca Melandri (Europa Editions)
SEEING RED, Lina Meruane (Deep Vellum)
WHY I KILLED MY BEST FRIEND, Amanda Michelopoulou (Open Letter Books)
I CALLED HIM NECKTIE, Milena Michiko Flašar (New Vessel Press)
A TRUE NOVEL, Minae Mizumura (Other Press)
THE FOX WAS EVER THE HUNTER, Herta Müller (Portobello)
OUR LADY OF THE NILE, Scholastique Mukasonga (Archipelago Press)
BOUNDARY, Zofia Nałkowska (Northwestern Illinois University Press)
THE LESSON, Cilla Naumann (Readux Books)
LADIVIGNE, Marie NDiaye (Knopf)
SO MUCH FOR THAT WINTER, Dorthe Nors (Graywolf Press)
PÉTRONILLE, Amélie Nothomb (Europa Editions)
BUTTERFLIES IN NOVEMBER, Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir (Pushkin Press)
BESIDE THE SEA, Veronique Olmi (Peirene Press)
CHILDREN IN REINDEER WOODS, Kristín Ómarsdóttir (Open Letter Books)
THE BLUE ROOM, Hanne Ørstavik (Peirene Press)
THE SHADOWBOXING WOMAN, Inka Parei (Seagull Books)
WHAT DARKNESS IS, Inka Parei (Seagull Books)
THE COLD CENTRE, Inka Parei (Seagull Books)
A FABULOUS LIAR, Susann Pasztor (Corvus)
THINGS WE LEFT UNSAID, Zoya Pirzad (Oneworld)
EXTRACTING THE STONE OF MADNESS: Poems 1962 - 1972, Alejandra Pizarnik (New Directions)
AARON'S LEAP, Magdaléna Platzová (Bellevue Literary Press)
THE ATTEMPT, Magdaléna Platzová (Bellevue Literary Press)
LEONORA, Elena Poniatowska (Serpent’s Tail)
FRESHTA, Petra Procházková (Stork Press)
THE TRAP, Melanie Raabe (Grand Central Publishing)
THE GARDENS OF CONSOLATIONS, Parisa Reza (Europa Editions)
HAPPY ARE THE HAPPY, Yasmina Reza (Other Press)
THREE, IMPERFECT NUMBER, Patrizia Rinaldi (Europa Editions)
DEATH IN SPRING, Mercè Rodoreda (Open Letter Books)
SOFT IN THE HEAD, Marie-Sabine Roger (Pushkin Press)
WE’RE NOT HERE TO DISAPPEAR, Olivia Rosenthal (Otis Books)
MINUS ME, Ingelin Røssland (Oneworld)
DEATH IN PERSIA, LYRIC NOVELLA, ALL THE ROADS ARE OPEN, Annemarie Schwarzenbach (Seagull Books)
YOU ARE NOT LIKE OTHER MOTHERS, Angelika Schrobsdorff (Europa Editions)
IN PRAISE OF POETRY, Olga Sedakova (Open Letter Books)
KHOMEINI, SADE AND ME, Abnousse Shalmani (World Editions)
TOUCH, Adania Shibli (Clockroot Books)
HER FATHER’S DAUGHTER, Marie Sizun (Peirene Press)
THE SOUND OF ONE HAND KILLING, Teresa Solana (Bitter Lemon Press)
SOMETIMES I LIE AND SOMETIMES I DON’T, Nadja Spiegel (Dalkey Archive Press)
EVERYTHING HAPPENS AS IT DOES, Albena Stambolova (Open Letter Books)
THE WOMEN OF LAZARUS, Marina Stepnova (World Editions)
WHERE THE HOLLYHOCKS COME FROM, Amanda Svensson (Readux Books)
THE FINNO-UGRIAN VAMPIRE, Noémi Szécsi (Stork Press)
FACING THE BRIDGE, Yoko Tawada (New Directions)
PORTRAIT OF A TONGUE: AN EXPERIMENTAL TRANSLATION, Yoko Tawada/Chantal Wright (University of Ottawa Press)
THE BRIDEGROOM WAS A DOG, Yoko Tawada (New Directions)
SALAD ANNIVERSARY, Machi Tawara (Pushkin Press)
MEMORIES, Teffi (Pushkin Press)
PRIMEVAL AND OTHER TIMES, Olga Tokarczuk (Twisted Spoon Press)
LETTER TO THE AMAZON, Marina Tsvetaeva (Ugly Duckling Presse)
EUROPE IN SEPIA, Dubravka Ugresic (Open Letter Books)
THE COUNTRY ROAD, Regina Ullmann (New Directions)
THE MUSSEL FEAST, Birgit Vanderbeke (Peirene Press)
MY BERLIN CHILD, Anne Wiazemsky (Europa Editions)
DIETRICH & RIEFENSTAHL, Karin Wieland (W.W. Norton)
THE ELUSIVE MOTH, Ingrid Winterbach (Open Letter Books)
MURDER MOST SERENE, Gabrielle Wittkopp (Wakefield Press)
FRENCH CONCESSION, Xiao Bai (Harper Collins)
CRYSTAL WEDDING, Xu Xiaobin (Balestier Press)
LITTLE AUNT CRANE, Yan Geling (Harvill Secker)
WOMAN IN THE CROSSFIRE, Samar Yazbek (Haus Publishing)
STONE AND HONEY, Cristina Zempi (out August 18, Arcadia)
SCATTERING THE DARK, an anthology of Polish women poets (White Pine Press)

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