Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Tuttavia capace di tener desta l'attenzione del lettore"

That's how reviewer Francesco Troiano rates Niccolo Ammaniti's new novel (which I have mentioned, cari lettori) "Come Dio Comanda." "Nonetheless capable of holding the reader's attention...." Troiano says 'tuttavia' because while the book is engrossing, it also includes some downright depressing scenes that are vintage Ammaniti.

The review also provides a glimpse of the cover of Ammaniti's new book. Perhaps others have seen it but it's a first for me. Quite arresting!

To read all of Troiano's review, visit www.italica.rai.it, a Web site run by the international arm of the Italian television network, RAI, that provides information and commentary on Italy's arts scene. (As an aside, I am a RAI International television subscriber and I can tell you: the channel sucks! Your only chance to enjoy it is if you catch Porta a Porta (what Larry King's show on CNN could be if he wanted to interview serious people), or the telegiornali (which, again, CNN would do well to emulate).

There is a link to the review on the home page under LIBRI.

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