Friday, October 05, 2007

Puglia: On the Way to Il Gargano

We left Trani, near Bari, after two days, and made our way north along the coast of Puglia to the Gargano peninsula, where we would spend the last few days of our trip to Southern Italy that began in August.

To reach Peschici, the town where we were staying, we drove through a forested section of the Gargano National Park. It was finally cool enough to turn off the air conditioning and roll down the windows.

On the ascent into the hilly portion of the peninsula, we stopped in Monte Sant'Angelo (nella provincia di Foggia) to shop for lunch. You can see what we ended up with.

Mozzarella di bufala so supple and wonderful you question if it's not the ultimate food of the Gods.

Crusty bread that all alone could be a fine snack.

Pink prosciutto crudo that in its salty simplicity spells out what the word sapore means.

After we left the alimentari in town, we drove back into the countryside and pulled over to enjoy our lunch. All we had were the unadulterated fields in front of us. And the best sandwich known to man. And that was enough.

At this point in the tale, we are headed for the last part of our trip. Please stay tuned. Some gorgeous photos of Peschici and the Adriatic Coast are in your future!

(Along the road to Peschici...baaah....baaah....)


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