Sunday, September 20, 2009

Il Corpo Delle Donne

Corriere della Sera columnist Maria Laura Rodota' opened the floodgates last week with an open letter to Italian women about the current state of sexism in Italy.

You can find the article in the original Italian here:

The letter and the thunderous response from Italian women spurred the English newspaper, The Guardian to write the following piece:

Oh it's about time!

Part of the stir stems from a new documentary called "Il Corpo Delle Donne" ("Women's Bodies") that shows how women are depicted on Italian television.

You can see on it YouTube -- though I warn you, it's like pornograghy. It's disgusting.

Here's part one:


Mike said...

Yeah, the puffed out lips thing makes me nauseous. I'm happy with normal lips. The rest ... eh .. I'm a guy. Of course, if they'd stop producing those horrible variety shows, it would solve more than half the problem.

Ciambellina said...

Yeah you talk a big game.

Few of the "showgirls" you see on Italian TV are pursuing a PhD in French Studies/Literature so I know where you really stand!

Mike said...

I'm just speaking as a visually motivated guy. My preferences wrt whom I prefer to spend my life are an altogether different animal. My point was just that puffy lips are dumb looking and variety shows, where most of these ladies are employed, are crap.