Saturday, October 31, 2009

Milan paper on Atlanta mayor's race

Il Nostro Inviato insisted that my beloved Milan paper, Il Corriere della Sera, had written an article about the Atlanta mayoral race, and had even published a photo (above) of the frontrunner, Mary Norwood, who could become the first white mayor of Atlanta since 1972.

My response? I told him he was pazzo!

E invece, he's right. Here's the link!

It's nice to receive a little attention! The paper questions whether this is a reverse of Obama's election, and I suspect Italy's interest in Obama and all things American may be reasons for the coverage.

Whether Norwood wins and whether she manages to avoid a runoff -- well those questions still remain to be answered.

And for the record, I bet Il Nostro Inviato that he was wrong, and in the process wound up agreeing to "A Night of Mike," quando si fanno tutte le attivita' piu amate da lui e andiamo a tutti sui locali preferiti.

Tutto sommato, niente male!


Mike said...

"A night of Mike" ... so I'm going out on a limb and guessing beer was involved...?

Ciambellina said...

Well, we haven't had this round of Night of Mike yet, but it's really hard to imagine it won't include beer. You'll have beer at the wedding, right?!

Mike said...

I think I might be able to scrounge up two or three bottles.

(per hour that is)

Ciambellina said...

I hope that's enough! How's Jenn liking Paris? When are you going over?