Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eataly @ NYC (c/o Slow Food)

(Photo credit: Lana Adinne via Flickr)

I was in New York last month and the early part of this month, and while there, I was able to visit Eataly, the new branch in the Flatiron District of an expanding Italian food emporium.

Slow Food, which is dedicated to honoring the origins of and protecting the source of traditional dishes, is a consultant to the Eataly folks.

Just about everything you might want to eat or drink in Italy is sold at Eataly. Prosciutto. Mozzarella. Coffee. Wine. Even craft beer.

I was a little disappointed that I could only find Lavazza coffee at Eataly; while planning my visit, I managed to convince myself that I would be able to find Quarta or Guglielmo coffee.

Alas no.

But it's a gorgeous, secular temple to Italian food. The wine there is fantastic, the plates of affettati and cheese are wonderful, and the buzz at Eataly was infectious.

And I can happily report, the food and wine hall is full of sayings and signs in Italian.

Pretty soon, the average New Yorker is going to know words like il pesce, la birra, crudo and lo sconto!

And..... Mario Batali, who is one of the partners behind the new supermarket, was at Eataly while I was there!

To learn more about Eataly, see this article in the New York Times:

200 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

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