Sunday, June 19, 2011

Caffe Kimbo @ Toscano & Sons

Do you remember a few months back I was oohing and ahhing over Caffe Kimbo?

Turns out I CAN buy it in Atlanta at Toscano & Sons on Atlanta's Westside.


While I was shopping there for coffee and biscotti and fresh bread, I also picked up a really great mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich.

They'll make them fresh for you so stop in -- you won't be disappointed.

Buon appetito!

Toscano & Sons Italian Market
1000 Marietta St NW # 106
Atlanta, GA 30318-0524
(404) 815-8383


Mike said...

Maybe you could provide a ranking of which brands of italian coffees you've sampled and which is best and which you wouldn't ever consider accepting as a gift. Strictly for those of us who aren't as well-versed in our italian coffee brands.

Just a thought. Could be interesting to see where Lavazza and Illy compare with Caffe Kimbo and Guglielmo.

Ciambellina said...

Oh great idea!!!! Bravo, Mike!

I can tell you Guglielmo is awesome!