lunedì, dicembre 02, 2013

Am I fetishisizing?

I look at this photo -- my typical "group shot" of all the items Il Nostro Inviato brought back from Italy last week -- and I am struck with an odd thought.

Does this look like a fetish?!

I find myself enshrining these items for a few days or even weeks as I gaze at them. Walking through the house, doing errands, every so often I glance over at my tower of special treats.

It's enough just to look at them. They make me happy!

And each crop of gifties is slightly different. Here the most notable items are the fresh olive oil from a friend's farm (look at that gorgeous deep green color!) and the 50th anniversary menu from Trattoria La Casalinga in Florence.

Plus, who doesn't love a gift? It's a mini-Christmas morning every time he comes back.

I will try to post some pictures of the specific items that stand out this round (including a t-shirt with a picture of a wild boar with the saying, 'Io vivo in Toscana'!) and the latest Elena Ferrante novel.

This should tide me over until Babbo Natale arrives!

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Mike ha detto...

What I want to know is how does he ever find space in his luggage to bring this stuff back all the time! We just got back Saturday and it was insane trying to find enough space to pack the few things we brought back.