Friday, April 03, 2015

Steps to nowhere

I've been intrigued for a few years by the sheer number of old steps in Atlanta that lead nowhere.

They once led somewhere, to be sure.

But now the original building is long gone.

Yet the steps remain.

So I've started to take photos of them.

I suppose other cities have steps to nowhere, as well.

But perhaps because Atlanta is a city with many single-family homes and standalone office buildings, the steps seem to stand out...or maybe pile up quicker.

As a reporter, I traveled to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. And Atlanta's steps to nowhere have the odd echo of the properties I saw in Biloxi where all that remained of a house might be the foundation. Or the steps.


Anonymous said...

Freedom Parkway, Ormond-Grant Park, D.H. Stanton School, etc. all have remnants of steps to homes that are now greenspaces

Ciambellina said...

Right! Actually those are good tips for where I want to photograph next!

Meanwhile I love the photo on your Web site. Where did you take it? I think I know -- downtown near the stadium?

Thanks for your comment.