Thursday, April 02, 2009

Translating for "Eurocrime"


Maybe some of you wonder what I have been up to since moving back to Atlanta senza un lavoro vero e proprio.

Well one very cool thing I've done is translate (tradurre) interviews for a documentary on Italian police films from the 1970s, known as polizieschi or poliziotteschi.

You can see the promotional poster for the film, called "Eurocrime," above.

An Atlanta-based film aficionado and director called Mike Malloy is the man behind the project, and he's still putting the finishing touches on the film, which has caught the interest of Showtime, among other outlets.

One interesting thing I learned was the films featured not only Italian actors but also some big American names including Martin Balsam and Henry Silva.

These 1970s Italian police films were over the top in every way, and many of the actors performed their own stunts (of which there were many!). The films show a level of violence that one does not see in American films, even of that era.

And they had evocative titles such as "Bloody Payroll," "Weapons of Death" and "Live Like A Man, Die Like A Cop." Can't get better than that!

The films were produced in an era, known as the anni di piombo ("the lead years"), when the Italian political scene was exploding in violence, as people on the Left and the Right literally exchanged shots and planted bombs.

The translation was certainly a welcome change of pace. In the past, I've translated lots of company bids; I even helped out with a Benetton workplace manual. This was much more fun!

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