Friday, May 15, 2009


Troppo bello ragazzi!

I haven't written about Silvio Berlusconi's latest marital shenanigans, but I couldn't resist posting this cartoon.

First off, because I absolutely love political cartoonists. I think they are brilliant! They manage to convey so much information in a few lines and one panel of imagery.

Secondly, the play on words is cutesy. Arcore is one of Berlusconi's estates, so basically the cartoonist is saying the prime minister's home is more or less a brothel.

What can I add? Really nothing. The best commentary I saw alleges that Berlusconi knows news of his infidelity and his boundless interest in the fairer sex only STRENGTHENS his following and his legacy in Italy.

Of course, c'è anche da dire che his current wife, Veronica Lario, who entered that marital state after having an affair with Silvio while he was married to Signora Berlusconi No. 1 (or was she No. 2?!), should have expected this.

What, he cheated on No. 1 with you, but surely he won't cheat on you?

Che buffo! Ovvero: che buffona.


Raffaele said...

grazie beh è una mia fissa vignettare su tutto non sono bravo a disegnare ma creare battute o cercarle sul web :-)

Ciambellina said...

Mi piace che ci hai inserito RadioVisione sul blog.