Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amarcord -- the beer (Menabrea, too)

Found this lovely little Italian craft beer at Hops City in Atlanta.

Until a year or so ago, I didn't even know the Italians made craft beer! But indeed they do. And Hops City, a beer emporium that's opened on Atlanta's Westside, stocks quite a few types.

I picked Amarcord Speciale Bionda because it was not high in alcohol. I know high gravity beers are all the rage but I just find them too alcoholic. And of course, I've seen Fellini's film "Amarcord," and I love it!

Buying this beer, I get to read the word "artigianale," which has a lovely sound and a lovely meaning. It means more or less 'craft' or 'craftsman-like,' and is used to describe anything made by hand or made the old way or in small batches. Someone who makes something artigianale is an artigiano.

Here's another beer that's turning up in Atlanta restaurants and supermarkets (Kroger....non ci posso credere!):

This beer reminds me of all the times I've ordered "una birra chiara alla spina" at bars in Italy.

I've had Menabrea at Top Flr in Midtown (Atlanta) and Baraonda on Peachtree St. (though they had sold out of it Saturday when I was there).

It's a good beer!

But how was the Amarcord? I don't know! I'm waiting for Il Nostro Inviato to open it (since he's the real beer-drinker in our house).

In fact I held off on posting the photo because I had not tried it yet. But I just didn't want to wait any longer -- not while you could be buying it yourself and enjoying it.

Cin cin!


Ciambellina said...

So I can tell you, we tasted the Amarcord last night.

It was good, though I wonder if perhaps it had been sitting there a while. Un avviso.

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