Monday, July 06, 2009

Bocce in USA, il 4 luglio

I nostri amici qui ad Atlanta hanno organizzato un torneo di bocce per festeggiare il 4 luglio, il nostro giorno di independenza. E' stato il sesto torneo di fila.

Ecco le foto:

La squadra vincente ha vinto $300! Incredibile, no? C'era, credo, una ventina di squadre. Come vi ho detto prima, giocare a bocca va alla moda ora qui!


Mary Kate said...

Google translator said this was bowling. Not exactly. Thank you for providing pictures because I'm a little disappointed in that translation. Not that I don't know the word "bocce" obviously.

Looks like fun though! $300?! That's a fantastic way to pick up some cash. I'm seeing you work your way up to a statewide team pretty soon.

Ciambellina said...

I'm sure there are some great spots to play bocce in Madison -- now that I see how cool it is! (I'm sure your mom sent you the travel article from the NYT and you probably had already seen it).

What a great place! I was thankful for the map because wow, I did not realize there were all those lakes!

Mary Kate said...

You can't walk three blocks in Madison without stepping into water, which is refreshing for a "coastie." My parents were actually away for the weekend, so I had to tell them about the article. Slackers. But! The article was great, and I was happy to see that I've visited most of the places mentioned. I can definitely arrange for that itinerary if you come visit...

Pluto said...

giocare a bocce sull erba ?? mai visto prima :)

Ciambellina said...

Ciao Pluto,
Troppo buffo. Sai, qui in USA, facciamo tutto a modo nostro, anche se e' sbagliato!

Per esempio, ti consiglio di evitare di prendere la bruschetta a qualsiasi ristorante qui in USA.

(Dall'altra parte, il fatto che si possono trovare le bruschette qui e' gia' un passo avanti).

Grazie per il commento.

AsianCajuns said...

This looks like so much fun!

Oh! And I was thinking about you when I picked up L'uomo! I thought "Ciambellina would get through this no sweat." Must be awesome to be multilingual!

Just out of curiosity, do you know of any good Italian classes for beginners (I've had that one semester a few years ago, and years of Spanish)?

Ciambellina said...

Hello Ms. AsianCajun,
I take the Saturday morning advanced Italian class at Evening At Emory and I think it's good (my teacher is Antonella, and she rocks). So based on that class, I would guess the other levels are good, too.

There are also a few Italian language meetups in Atlanta that may be of interest (they host monthly events where you can practice; believe me, ALL levels are welcome). I've mentioned Ciancia a few times on the site (you can find info

In bocca al lupo! Italian is an awesome language to study.