Friday, July 30, 2010

E' arrivata la burrata!

I received an email from an Atlanta restaurant called Sotto Sotto that they had received a shipment of burrata from Puglia.

This is a very good sign!

Slowly but surely genuine Italian foodways are making their way over to the U.S. I used to order burrata at a restaurant in Firenze called Borgo Antico. It's so tender that it melts in your mouth.

If you want to learn more about burrata, here's the email:

We’re Big on Burrata
Sotto Sotto would like to introduce you to a unique cheese just in from Italy – burrata.

Made fresh yesterday, our burrata selection arrived at the restaurant today, and we'll be serving it first come, first serve until it's gone!

First crafted circa 1920, burrata is an established artisanal specialty of Southern Italy. Deliciously creamy and oozing with layers of oh-so-comforting flavors, burrata's uniqueness lies in the buttery texture of the cheese's center, made from fresh cream and shredded pieces of mozzarella called stracciatella.

The cheese is delicately wrapped in the protective leaves of asfodelo, an herb-like plant similar to leeks, tied into a sac with a simple blade of grass. Slice into this tantalizing treat, typically served warm, and be rewarded with a taste of three different textures and flavors all at once - the sweetness of the cream, the shredded mozzarella with a touch of acidity and the more complex outer layer.

Sotto Sotto
313 N. Highland Avenue Northeast
(404) 523-6678

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