Friday, March 26, 2010

Atlanta's Italian film fest -- starts Monday!

The 4th Annual Atlanta Italian Film Festival starts Monday, March 29. The festival will kick off with light food and drink and the music of the Trevor Eich Jazz Ensemble.

The festival's first movie is "Italians," which will start at 7:30.

The 2009 film was directed by Giovanni Veronesi and stars Carlo Verdone and Sergio Castellitto.

All films will be screened at Georgia State University's Rialto Center for the Arts in downtown Atlanta. Here's the film lineup for the week:

Monday: Italians at 7:30
Tuesday: Cemento Armato at 7:30
Wednesday: Alza la Testa
Thursday: Il papà di Giovanni
Friday: La Casa sulle nuvole

Saturday: There are two films at 6 and 8 PM
Mar Nero
Il Compleanno

Sunday: Sbirri at 3PM

For more information about the festival, go here


Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

Dov'è Ciambellina? A lavoro!

Ciao Cari Amici,

It's been a bit quiet here in Ciambellina land and I do apologize!

Such is the life of a freelance writer: lately I've been pretty busy writing stories for local publications and preparing radio scripts for the NPR affiliate here in Atlanta (radio pubblico).

Yes, I'm on the radio!

Here's a link to a story I wrote about streetcars (trams) in Savannah:

And here's a link to a radio story I wrote about an endangered historic property:

Però, lest you think I've forgotten about Italy and its wonderful language, I leave you with the photo above -- a lifesize sculpture of a horse sketched by Leonardo da Vinci.

I took this photo at the High Museum in Atlanta, which had a small exhibit on Leonardo this winter.