Tuesday, July 20, 2021

My Home is My Muse (for Brevity)

If you have books strewn about your house and articles you've printed out and copies of the newspaper you're saving from months ago and favorite novels you've positioned just so as if they were pieces of sculpture or paintings, take a look at my essay, "My Home is My Muse," for the Brevity Nonfiction Blog.

There I wrote about how I like to decorate my house with books -- forget window treatments or accent rugs. Who gives an F?! I just do it by placing books all around me, in every room, on every surface, in different ways. And by taping up anything that inspires me -- a notecard, a magazine article, a picture Leo has drawn.

On a serious note, I am so glad they published it because it gave me a chance to talk about the part of my literary life that is flourishing. And it's the way the walls of my house and the surface of my desk beam back to me all the projects percolating in my head and the plans I have and the passions that I keep.

The link, again, is here:


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