mercoledì, aprile 16, 2014

If Paradise is your thing.....

A picture from Isla Mujeres, near Cancun in Mexico, where we just spent six glorious days of vacation:

lunedì, aprile 07, 2014

There’s a scene in the movie “The Fifth Element” in which the alien creature who’s destined to save the world learns about human history. She fast-forwards through decades, if not centuries, of footage about news events. She absorbs everything just by watching.

A similar scene plays out at our home. Leo sits for increasingly long periods of time surrounded by a mountain of books, and just pages through them. One after another.

Sometimes he stops and points at something. Other times, I can hear him talking to himself. He’s not reading the books, obviously, but like the Milla Jovavich character from the Luc Besson film, he’s cramming images and information into his brain.


mercoledì, aprile 02, 2014

The top of my bureau

Over time, the top of my bureau has devolved into a snapshot of my life and an altar to my passions, my interests and my origins.

The mess of mementos, photos, articles and books gives my eye objects for the gaze. It inspires me, and reminds me of the wonderful places I've been.

Of course, I can almost hear my mother taking one look at it, and dismissing it as a total mess. But that's okay.

sabato, marzo 29, 2014

Il Papa + Obama + Leo + U2

From the Saturday morning journal, brought to you with no rush, but all the joy:

I’m reading an article in the New York Times about the first meeting between President Obama and the miraculous Pope as Leo stands in front of his bookcase, talking to himself and examining the many volumes in his little personal library. U2 is playing on the stereo and I’ve begun to tuck into my morning cup of yoghurt.

How can one person have all of these treasures, all in one place, within a single moment of time?

Then I read that Obama has invited the Pope to visit the White House garden, and the Pope responds: “Como no?” Sure, why not? I love that phrase in Spanish; I somehow find it even lovelier than its Italian counterpart (come no?).

I imagine the words rolling off his tongue with sincerity and a generosity of spirit we all may aspire to but few of us achieve.

And sincerely, with that phrase, my day is complete, and it's all of 8:30 in the morning. It cannot get better than that!

mercoledì, marzo 26, 2014

Now For Something Totally Different.....

I sometimes keep a journal about Leo and his milestones, and the funny little things he says and does. Here's what I wrote today:

As I looked over my shoulder at Leo in the car this morning on our way to daycare, I noticed he was clutching the bright yellow Big Bird stuffed animal my sister, Trish, had given him. And I said to him, "Ask Big Bird if Big Bird wants to come to Mexico with us."

And then I chuckled to myself. I was telling a toddler who doesn’t fluently speak English or understand where or what Mexico is that he could invite Big Bird – a stuffed animal – to come to Mexico with us. Maybe file it under: whatever floats your boat.

No word, though, if Big Bird has accepted our invitation.

martedì, marzo 04, 2014

"La Grande Bellezza"

Well, wow, I can actually say I saw one of the films that won an Oscar!

I somehow found three hours to take in Paolo Sorrentino's "La Grande Bellezza" and then spent many more hours hearing the film's music in my ears, pondering scenes and recalling the enigmatic look on Toni Servillo's face.

The sheer breadth of an actor who can portray a single man-about-town AND Giulio Andreotti ("Il Divo") is mind-boggling.

Does this mean Italian cinema is back? I hope so. I've missed it.

giovedì, gennaio 02, 2014

Up Close and Personal

Here's another photo of Leo that I love:

He wants to see what I'm seeing through the viewfinder and so I have any number of photos that either show him practically on top of me or half out of the frame, as he jogs toward me and the camera.

mercoledì, gennaio 01, 2014

Yay Christmas!

I thought Leo would pull the ornaments off the Christmas tree but instead he just sort of spins them, and looks at the tree and the lights with a sense of wonder -- just how it should be!

(Meant to post this before Christmas -- cavoli!)

sabato, dicembre 14, 2013

lunedì, dicembre 02, 2013

Am I fetishisizing?

I look at this photo -- my typical "group shot" of all the items Il Nostro Inviato brought back from Italy last week -- and I am struck with an odd thought.

Does this look like a fetish?!

I find myself enshrining these items for a few days or even weeks as I gaze at them. Walking through the house, doing errands, every so often I glance over at my tower of special treats.

It's enough just to look at them. They make me happy!

And each crop of gifties is slightly different. Here the most notable items are the fresh olive oil from a friend's farm (look at that gorgeous deep green color!) and the 50th anniversary menu from Trattoria La Casalinga in Florence.

Plus, who doesn't love a gift? It's a mini-Christmas morning every time he comes back.

I will try to post some pictures of the specific items that stand out this round (including a t-shirt with a picture of a wild boar with the saying, 'Io vivo in Toscana'!) and the latest Elena Ferrante novel.

This should tide me over until Babbo Natale arrives!