venerdì, luglio 25, 2014

"I got ya!"

“I got ya!”

That’s a subject followed by a verb and then an object. And as first full sentences go, I would say it’s good one!

Leo can string two or three words together now, no problem. But I think this is the first time I’ve heard a complete sentence.

I’m mildly embarrassed that he’s parroting what he heard me say as I chased him around the house, giggling and shouting. But it warms my little heart to hear him say it. You got me? Sounds good to me.

domenica, maggio 18, 2014

How to scare a cat

If for some reason, you need to scare a cat, here’s a sure-fire method.

Yell, "Ha!" as soon as you catch sight of the cat.

Then run toward it. And then, as you steadily approach the cat, yell, “Ha! ha!”

It helps if you stand about three-feet tall and grip something in one or both hands: a cookie, a sippy cup, your security blanket.

Fuggire o sfuggire?

Non so perché ma stamattina sono dovuta controllare il significato di queste due parole (fuggire e sfuggire), le quali uso da sempre.

E mi è sorpresa quando ho scoperto che secondo il vocabolario, hanno lo stesso significato senza la minima sfumatura.

Ma è possibile?

Io avrei detto che si può dire, "La parola mi sfugge," ma non si può dire: "La parola mi fugge."

venerdì, maggio 02, 2014

A Growing Vocabulary!

An inventory of the words Leo knows how to say:

Mamma, Daddy, water, ball, bath, duck, hello, more, outdoors, all done, bye-bye, no, oh no, truck, snow, blue, red, dog, cat, yellow, milk, rock, bike, up, down, up and down, cold, hot, bowl, flower, airplane, baby, fish, book, star, car and outdoors.

mercoledì, aprile 30, 2014

African (violet) queen

Not sure why, but I have a green thumb specifically for African violets. This is one of four I have in bloom right now at home!

giovedì, aprile 24, 2014

Mamma on TV

Not a great photo but here's Leo watching Mamma on TV.

I appeared on On The Story, a public affairs show broadcast by my employer, Georgia Public Broadcasting, to talk about the state's new gun law.

venerdì, aprile 18, 2014


A few more photos from our little piece of paradise in Isla Mujeres. First, my foot and the deep blue sea.

Next: father and son explore the beach. Look at the sun reflecting off of the water. Gorgeous!

mercoledì, aprile 16, 2014

If Paradise is your thing.....

A picture from Isla Mujeres, near Cancun in Mexico, where we just spent six glorious days of vacation:

lunedì, aprile 07, 2014

There’s a scene in the movie “The Fifth Element” in which the alien creature who’s destined to save the world learns about human history. She fast-forwards through decades, if not centuries, of footage about news events. She absorbs everything just by watching.

A similar scene plays out at our home. Leo sits for increasingly long periods of time surrounded by a mountain of books, and just pages through them. One after another.

Sometimes he stops and points at something. Other times, I can hear him talking to himself. He’s not reading the books, obviously, but like the Milla Jovavich character from the Luc Besson film, he’s cramming images and information into his brain.