Friday, November 09, 2007

Bella Roma!

Everyone knows Rome is beautiful, right? Everyone knows it's the Eternal City, right?

I mean what's better than going to Rome, right?

Well Ciambellina is a little slow. She forgot how wonderful Rome was. Boy, did she get a reminder!

After two wonderful weeks in southern Italy, we were flying out of Rome on a Tuesday morning and just had a few hours to spend in the city of Romulus and Remus the night before.

From our hotel near the airport, we had to take a few buses and a train to get to the heart of Rome. If you can believe it, Il Nostro Inviato was grumbling a bit about it! He wanted to spend his last few hours of vacation drinking qualche birra back in the town of Fiumicino (which actually has a beach and is quaint).

He quickly changed his tune when we arrived. We could not have planned it better: we took the Metro to the Coliseum stop, walked out of the subway and in the space of three seconds took in a view that included the Coliseum, the Arch of Constantine, the monument to Vittorio Emmanuele (also known as the wedding cake or the typewriter) and rest of the Roman Forum.

Yeah not bad.

Here's what we saw:

Ruins:reminds you of the old joke: How was Rome? It's in ruins!

And of course a pilgrimage to our favorite spot in Rome was on the itinerary.

The Pantheon. To us, it's just the highlight of the city. We go there every time we visit no matter what.

I would like to mention to my cari lettori that I took a much better photo of the coliseum that also includes Il Nostro Inviato drinking a can of Peroni that he bought the second we came out of the subway. But the household censors have ruled I can't publish it! Just imagine: arguably the greatest ruin of Ancient Rome, Mike and a can of Peroni. Priceless.

I leave you with this shot, which combines our favorite building in Rome with Ciambellina and some gelato.

Grazie per averci seguito!

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Mike said...

That photo of Mike with the Peroni would have been priceless! That's too bad. When would I ever have the occasion to see something like that again?!