Monday, November 08, 2021

The Power of Small Journeys (for Brevity)

I'm shameless when it comes to writing about my travels and will hide travel writing inside of just about any piece. In this case, one about the power of trips -- even small ones, even within your town or city! -- to awake the writing amuse.

"We were staying in a residential neighborhood called Rosemount-La Petite Patrie which is full of delightful duplexes with second floor balconies facing the street that overflowed with flowers, bikes and the odd pair of running shoes. On a whim one evening, I took a walk at sunset. As the sky turned purple, I craned my neck to get a better view. 

"On a sliver of park land I glimpsed between duplexes I could see soccer players practicing, while bike commuters ambled by me. And notebook in hand, I began taking an inventory of the neighborhood’s businesses: a grocer, an off-license, a hair salon, a book shop, a toy emporium, a real estate office, the plumber, a driving school (automatique and manuelle) and so on."


You can read the rest at the Brevity Nonfiction Blog (my blog away from blog, as it were):


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